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Emery Franklin

Emery Franklin

Arlington, TN


Emery Franklin grew up in an impoverished area in South Memphis. The youngest of six children, he always aspired to be an artist. His first realization of his artistic talents were realized when he was in junior high at Vance Junior High School in Memphis. His art teacher would assign him projects to create drawings and paintings that were used to teach his classmates the techniques and skills of creating art.
Throughout Emery�s years of drawing and painting, his artwork has become an expression of our rich cultural heritage. There are certain principles that Emery has carried throughout his life that has greatly influenced his work. He believes his hands have been guided by God, as he always prays before starting each new creation. His family values are deeply rooted in religion, trust, and honesty.
Emery has always felt the needed to give something back to the community. Through his artwork, he exemplifies the rich heritage of African Americans struggles and achievements. He feels that our youth need a positive role model, so he likes to spend time motivating and encouraging youth by setting a positive example for them. With this type of enthusiasm, they realize all their dreams are reachable with prayer and dedication. Emery believes that God has blessed him with a way of contributing to the uplifting of his people through his art.
As an artist, he loves to draw and paint beautiful people and places that touch the heart and soul of the collector. He would like to invite each and everyone who views his art to step into the painting and re-live a past experience or enjoy a brand new one.

Emery Franklin - Accolades and Awards
Emery was commissioned in 1998 to create the cover for the Memphis Black Heritage Calendar, and annual even in Memphis. He has pieces that were featured at the Civil Rights Museum in 2004 and the Vesta Home Show in 2006. His paintings and prints are seen throughout Memphis communities in local art galleries, offices, and also throughout the United States. Tennessee Crossroads has also taken the opportunity to interview and show some of his work on the P.B.S. television stations.

Selected Collections:
Memphis First Community Bank, Memphis
Harrah�s Entertainment Inc, Memphis
Shelby County Government
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Awards and Honors
Cover Design, Memphis African American Historical Calendar 1998-99
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Selected Group Exhibitions
National Black Fine Art Show, Puck Building
Gallery Fifty Six, Memphis, TN
Gallery Swarm, Chicago, Il
WKNO TV Channel 10, PBS, Annual Art Auction, 1998 THROUGH 2011
Joy Smith Gallery, �God Bless The Child�, Memphis, TN
Dorothy Jean Gallery, Memphis, TN
National Civil Rights Museum, 2004 � 2006
Vesta Home Show, 2006
Tennessee Crossroads Television, 2011 2012 2013

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praying hands by Emery Franklin


the landscape i love by Emery Franklin


country side by Emery Franklin


i am a man by Emery Franklin


home by Emery Franklin


HAVEN by Emery Franklin


B.B KING- 2 by Emery Franklin


B.B KING by Emery Franklin


sold by Emery Franklin


your special place by Emery Franklin


well-being by Emery Franklin


my love by Emery Franklin


emery by Emery Franklin


my art by Emery Franklin


robbie by Emery Franklin


perfect by Emery Franklin


1958 by Emery Franklin


bb king by Emery Franklin


monday by Emery Franklin


time out by Emery Franklin


home by Emery Franklin


memphis by Emery Franklin


my god by Emery Franklin


africa by Emery Franklin


between by Emery Franklin


life by Emery Franklin


jazz by Emery Franklin


manifestations by Emery Franklin


boxing by Emery Franklin


happy at last by Emery Franklin


life is good by Emery Franklin


your life by Emery Franklin


awakening by Emery Franklin


today by Emery Franklin


home by Emery Franklin


now by Emery Franklin



your own special place by Emery Franklin


love by Emery Franklin


sun set by Emery Franklin


african by Emery Franklin


the lifestyle by Emery Franklin


art by Emery Franklin



the man by Emery Franklin


oil by Emery Franklin



home by Emery Franklin


love by Emery Franklin


my book by Emery Franklin


my man by Emery Franklin